Is your career progression going fast enough? Are you in the right job - or do you dream of another one?

Success coaching can help you to step back and think about how you want to spend your working life. Then it will support you while you invest in the difficult process of turning your dream job into your actual job.

Social Life


They say you can judge a person by the friends they keep. Do you have wonderful friends with whom you grow and have fun? Or do you find yourself on your own, or surrounded by people who drag you down and into their rut?

A few sessions with me as your life coach will allow you to externalise your discontentments and work out what needs to change.



Are you in the right relationship? Does it need work to get it where you want it - or do you need to find the strength to start afresh? Most of us shy away from doing the hard work necessary to put this part of our lives in order.
As your success and life coach, I can be an anchor in the storm, focusing you on what you want from this important part of your life.



Are you at peace with yourself and your world, with time to be still, reflect and find contentment - or do you rail against the world and everyone in it?

Life Coaching is not directive. You'll move at a pace set by you, in a direction of your choosing. My coaching can support you in moving from where you are to where you want to be.