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Bring a POWER SELLING workshop "live" to your organization! TRAIN YOUR ENTIRE STAFF AND MULTIPLY THE BENEFITS. When a team learns new skills and ideas together, synergy takes place. The shared experience and renewed enthusiasm gives added power to the process of change. DEMONSTRATE YOUR COMMITMENT TO YOUR ORGANIZATION. People love to be a part of a company that cares and supports their professional development. You will have a more loyal, enthusiastic and productive staff. LEARN "HOW OTHERS DO IT." You'll learn from Chip's techniques, shared and refined from experts, researchers and consultants in their field who are on top of what is working today. GET A GUARANTEED RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. Chip's workshop training is packed with ideas people can really use. They are designed to provide concrete, actionable ideas to help participants be more effective. The result? A payoff from training you can both see and measure. Chip's POWERHEAD workshops include:

THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE MILLENNIALS.  How to home school yourself for success. (life skills)

SPACE CADETS. Communicating with people from another planet. (people skills)

HIGH OCTANE SELLING In a Low Lead World.   (selling skills)

STOP, DROP, AND POP. How to get everything in life you want and deserve. (goal obtainment skills)

WHERE EAGLES DARE. The higher up the ladder you go, the more your rear will show. (leadership)

THE YOU THAT "COULD" BE. What's stopping you from being you? (personal development)

Chip's onsite workshops are lively, personal and entertaining, TALK TO CHIP. He will inject your organization with pride and enthusiasm!