Many people simply talk about ideas and concepts. Chip develops and lives them everyday in all of his successful business units. Because of his achievements in both his personal and professional life, Chip is uniquely qualified to talk about success. He understands the human potential and how to develop personal effectiveness out of almost anyone. His keynote presentations are industry specific, personally written just for your event and will set the uplifting tone for any convention or gathering. His delivery, will touch the hearts and souls of your audience with  both warmth and humor. His insightful ideas and on stage energy will keep your audience on the edge of their seats and get them standing with pride and appreciation. YOU NEED CHIP! Find out why today he is one of the most widely sought after keynote speakers for corporations and trade associations. Some of his motivating and uplifting one hour presentations from past events include:

SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP. /  How to personally balance a life with a life that really matters.

DUMBING DOWN AMERICA / Why we are moving backwards and what we can do about it.

THE WIZARD OF AH's. / It's never you against them. It's you AND them.

ME SELL CARS? What are you, NUTS! / The important role car people play in influencing the lives of others.

GET OFF YOUR ASSETS. GET ON WITH SUCCESS. / Why individual leadership and personal responsibility can no longer be just a spectator sport.

NO MAN'S LAND. / A look a how the empowerment and advancement of women in business makes men itch.

When you need to deliver positive results for your business or trade association, CALL AND BOOK CHIP. He is insightful, powerful and engaging.