We learned a long time ago that to put on a great seminar, workshop or event, you need to have a great marketing piece. Part of the success in merchandising any event, is to have in the material, one or more photos of the featured speaker. This allows the perspective audience or attendees to "identify" a face with the printed words. When both words and pictures are combined together, the seminar "sell" becomes a lot easier for everybody, including you the sponsor.  We hope that you can use one or more of the different sized head shots as well as one of the full body shots for your marketing pieces. If none of these work for you, then please contact us because we do have more. In special circumstances, Chip can either provide video for various sales meetings or link you to an online marketing aid that can be played on internet ready televisions. If you would like to have Chip come in early and do a live broadcast for "conventioneers," those arrangements can be made to accommodate you and your organization as well.

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