For those that cannot get enough "Chipologies," Chip offers a select group of personal improvement products to help practice, drill and rehearse yourself to greatness.Here is his current offering:


FullSpeedAhead.jpgFULL SPEED AHEAD ( How to Survive and Thrive in any Business or Political Climate)        


 as an e-book 


Be the first to get Chip's latest book to help make you into the person you always hoped to be! Fifty eight chapters offering skill specific techniques for self improvement, business and financial success.  ALSO AVAILABLE AT:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple store, and all major on-line book retailers.                 


THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN ( Six Life Shared Principals for Success, Wealth and Happiness)

Follow the story of a young man destined to improve his life, as he travels thousands of miles in search of answers to life's most important questions. Experience the perils he faces and has to overcome in order to get each answer and discover the six life changes principles that he learned to change his life and the world. Available also at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Apple store and other on-line retailers.


as an e-book



PowerSellingCD.jpgPOWER SELLING (How to List and Sell as Much Real Estate as You Can)

This six CD set (includes workbook) takes you through all five phases in real estate: prospecting. listing, selling , referring, and personal skills development. Plus you get TWO BONUS CD'S: One CD is Chip's "Live" Listing presentation as well as a second bonus CD on business development designed to empower and jump-start your career to greatness.

Power Selling C. D.'S



Real Estate Web Solutions

Logo_small.jpg RealKISS is a complete Web-based solution that not only gives you an eye-catching Web site, but contains the most advanced, simple-to-use tools available to manage and optimize client relationships in today’s Internet-centric world.

works 24/7 for you and your clients. It keeps in constant contact with clients and anticipates their needs based on their profiles. As a result, your Buyers and Sellers will love doing business with you which leads to repeat business and referrals as well as selling more homes faster! We use it in our real estate business and love how it simplifies tasks in a single step. I highly endorse it!

For more information about RealKISS, go to or call 1-877-369-5477.  Make sure you say that Chip sent you!