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Everyone knows that in real estate, you have to learn how to "circulate to percolate," in order to be successful. You also need to be able to excel in your ability to effectively communicate, when you are face to face, belly to belly, with a serious and qualified individual. Chip believes that to build a better more successful agent, you first have to start by building a better you. Then, with the proper people skills and proven language techniques he offers, you will be armed with resources to propel you to the great success you desire. CHIP'S SKILL-SPECIFIC TRAINING IS UNIQUE. Ever dream about making $ 100,000 A MONTH?  Chip has made this a commonplace reality with many people, including himself. When he owned a Re/Max franchise, Chip trained the number one agent in the world within Re/Max International (based on units closed), and has trained (from scratch) the top number one new agent, based upon money earned, within Re/Max of Georgia. Even his own brokerage firm was recognized with an award for the highest income per agent than any other Re/Max company in Georgia, all through the principles found in his skill specific workshops. Chip's real estate seminars and workshops include:

SELLING TO MILLENNIALS ( Approved for 3 hours of continuing educational credit.) This is the FIRST course needed to eventually obtain your CME (Certified Millennial Expert) designation.

MASTERING MILLENNIAL SELLING (Approved of 6 hours C.E. credit.) This is the SECOND course needed in order to obtain the CME designation.  PLEASE NOTE: You must have taken  the "Selling to Millennials" program as a PREREQUISITE in order to register for and attend this course.

GET YOUR FEET WET IN REAL ESTATE (without taking a bath.)  Approved for 3 hours of continuing educational credit.

SELL LIKE A BULL (without losing your chops.) / ( Approved for 3 hours continuing educational credit.)

RE SCRIPTING YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS  /  How to get your "do how" to work with your "know how."

REAL ESTATE INVESTING MADE SIMPLE / ( Approved  for 3 hours of continuing educational credit.)

SPEED STICK RECRUITING. The art of gaining, explaining, and training new agents.

POWER SELLING: HOW TO LIST AND SELL AS MUCH AS YOU CAN  (Approved  for 6 hours of  C.E. credit. )

TRY OR CRY / Are you really blaming it all on a down market?

POWERHEAD Quickstart Training. A Comprehensive New Agent Training System. This program is approved  for 25 hours post licensing credit OR 30 hours of continuing educational credit.

Learn from the best. TALK TO CHIP. You will be delighted and amazed at what he can do real estate wise for you!