When you spend years of your life on the road working with meeting planners, you get to know what is really important and needed in pulling off a great event. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned expert in booking engagements for your company or trade association, Chip's resources will make it easy to hit a home run everytime. He knows the kind of things and pressures you are sometimes up against in seeking both keynote and workshop speakers, even on short notice. He will give you all of the resources you need to book and put on the perfect event for your group. To start the ball rolling, TALK TO CHIP. Tell him what you think you need and your budget available for your event. He will attempt to identify with you specific needs to be addressed within that budget, give you the personalized attention you deserve, and offer a customized program that is guaranteed to bring people to their feet. Once the event date is booked and a topic is chosen, Chip and his staff will take over from there. You will love working with Chip. He is experienced and dedicated to making things easy and simple for you. Check out the many resources he has to offer, then PICK CHIP for your next event!